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Beee day!
It's my first birthday away from home. 24 years in this lifetime nd i still feel like i havent learned anything valuable.. I've been through the worst kind of crap any person can imagine happen to a girl my age and yet i feel like none of those experiences have actually made an impact on who i am. Nothing has changed. The years that have passed are just insignificant numbers on a calendar. Nothing more. Well okay I may have changed a little because im forced to..but a great part of me still wants to hold on to my immature and careless nature. I miss having no responsibilities..i miss being not responsible for myself. although i am incredibly grateful for all the blessings thrown upon me..i still cant help but feel that i need some more.. I still have a lot of wants..things i dont want to claim without going through any hard time. I guess it's just part of human nature not to be content with anything..right? I wished for my own bed, i got a whole room then i got a flat..and yet it still isnt enough for me. I used to live off 50 quid a week during my first few months here in london and now that i've been receiving more than that, it still feels like what i have now will never be enough. How did i manage to live then and feel like i had more than what i needed? Twenty-four. Hehe..most of the people i know here already want to settle down..and here i am still greatly concerned with the newest collection of bags in john lewis, or the biggest bargains in all the leading stores. I refuse to grow old. It may have more setbacks than advantages but for the moment, it makes me happy..and i dont need any other person's approval of it. Happy birthday me!!


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