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on a personal note =)
3 years ago, i decided to have a personal relationship with Jesus through a Hillsong Concert in Manila (Philippines) i can clearly remember how ALIVE i felt that time i was singing along, raising my hands in worship, crying non stop because i felt touched by the spirit..

2 years later, i moved to London for work and found a Hillsong Trailer Bus parked (by God's grace) as i was walking aimlessly with friends along tottenham court road. i knew in my heart I had to find a reason why it was there so i asked my friends to walk around the place to look for any sign that there was something Hillsong-y that was happening and then..my friend found the Hillsong Church sign at the Dominion Theatre.

November 7 2010, i came to Hillsong Church London for the very first time. i was determined to go, even if i was on my own and the Church is far from where i live. i was lost..and totally devastated from so many bad things that have happened to me that time (just had a bad breakup, had terrible homesickness, was struggling to start a life of my own in a different country etc). I went in the auditorium and a big sign that said "WELCOME HOME" graced my eyes. i knew from then on that i was in for something interesting.

Praise and Worship was AMAZING. i didnt normally lift my hands during worship at our church in manila as i was too conscious of the people around me. That time, i felt so liberated from consciousness. i was on my own, in a place where no one knew who i was, what i've done wrong, or what achievements i've had in the past. i was there for God, for myself, for my renewed relationship with Him.

the message that sunday was about the questions we often ask God. the message was so timely because i really felt like i had to find an answer., to know what to do next after making so many bad decisions. i felt like the message was delivered specifically for my query. I asked and God answered. that was it. i knew i had to keep coming back. I raised my hand when they did the altar call. with confidence, i claimed that i needed God in my life..that i had to be under His guidance again.

a girl approached me after service..gave me a new testament bible in magazine form and asked me to join her and the young adult people for lunch. i accepted her invite and i got to meet so many people who also went to Church for the very first time.

I've been going to Hillsong Church London ever since and my life has never been the same. Just recently, i've decided to join the group of young adults again and i am having a great time talking to them. they're all so nice even if i dont know most of their names . they just made me feel really welcome to the group as if we've been friends for a really long time.

Despite the difficulties of living far from my family, i know that i have found my home here at Hillsong =)

Thank You Lord for everything..for my personal relationship with You, for a great job, for financial stability, for my safe family in Manila, a comfortable life and for the Hillsong Community (young adults. yay!) who never cease to amaze me with their kindess and hospitality. I LOVE CHURCH!!!!!


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