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Musings, Life, Nostalgia (2016)

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Had an awesome experience with the young adult community of Hillsong again tonight. Praise and Worship was brilliant as always (that sounded so bri-ish mwahaha) got to meet a couple of people, also had some short yet great encounters with people i've met before. Sooo looking forward to sunday again for Church and some more socializing activities.

this by far is the greatest addiction i've been in to. =)


im leaving for new york on monday (yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!) so excited to be all tourist-y again and take loads and loads and LOADS of pictures with ate chay. then wednesday im flying to texas to meet tita apple and my cousins whom i have never met in person. then back to nyc again then hopefully, we'll have a quick trip to new jersey for some wise spending.

didnt imagine america to be that massive though. the flight going to texas from nyc will take 4 hours. the flight from london to nyc is only 6 hours. whuddup with that?

after my great US adventure, i only have to wait 6 more weeks and im back to manila's loving arms again. then im gonna embark on a short singapore trip with ellyvenelly bestfriend extraordinaire..then im gonna spend new year's with family in HongKong. life is just working out pretty well for me this year. I have Jesus to thank for that. it's true that if you give to God what's His, all blessings come your way, pressed down, shaking together and running over. =)


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