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So far, so good.

I've got down time while my friends recharge for partying in Reykjavik later with some people we've met during the tour.

I've been in Iceland for 4 days and will be staying for 4 more. Jay's overly jealous with the pictures I've been sending and the stories I tell him every night I come home.

This trip is the first we've ever been apart and it's proving to be difficult not being able to tell him things in a whim. We've been glued to the hip ever since and spending time in such a beautiful lounge in a remote town after heavy snowfall is making me miss him a lot.

I feel like a very inspired author with this lounge in front of me, the homemade icelandic pizza I'm having for dinner and the majestic aurora borealis dancing away in the night sky.

Can't wait for what's coming up. My friends and I have only been driving around for 3 days and yet so many things have already been ticked off my never ending bucket list. I though the Philippines was the most beautiful country in terms of natural grandiose but man, Iceland has completely captivated me.

In the so-called land of ice and fire, everything is green in the summer and daylight runs for 20 hours. In the winter, you are blown away by a completely white land palette and a prism of colors in the sky. This is the only country I've seen so far where the roads look like clouds and the sky is filled with pink, purple, orange, yellow, blue and green. God really has fantastic taste in art 😉

And should I even mention the beautiful night sky?

Dont know what went wrong with the lens of my 8 year old camera. Maybe I'm just really bad at proper photography settings. 😅

We'll be travelling more in the next few days and hopefully I get to share more fantastic photos with you. (Im certain that I will.)

Until next time

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Great photos. ;) Wish I was there. It's been too long since our last photo session, yeah?

Hoooh shiiiit you still use your LJ? Mishu 😘

Once in a while, yeah haha. How are youuuuuuuuuu let's catch up, please!!!

Great photos. ;) Wish I was there. It's been too long since our last photo session, yeah?

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