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Nursing a nurse

Being stuck in bed nursing a horrible flu isn't on my ideal Thursday list.

Tbh, I'd much rather be at work scrubbing for a spinal fusion or maybe looking forward to a big bowl of ramen after work. I guess my body badly needs a reset from all the fun I've had the past months.

So instead of sulking in bed and refreshing my instagram feed every 5 minutes, I'd much rather share some more photos from my Iceland trip.

As I've mention in my previous post, I went on a spur of the moment week long cross country road trip with 2 of my ex colleagues. We drove from Iceland's capital, Reykjavik down the Golden Circle Route -- which took us to one of the grandest waterfalls in Europe, an active Geysir and the tectonic plate rift between North America and Europe. After that, we headed east and drove to the biggest glacier cap in Europe, also known as the 2nd largest in the world (the first one being the antartic) We got to visit the glacier lake and the most beautiful Ice caves I have ever seen. Then we headed back west and visited a town called Vik which hosts one of the famous and lethal black sand beaches in the country. Headed back to the capital on our last day to explore some thousand year old lava caves/tubes and then flew back to London. We even got to see the northern lights while we were on the plane. One word to describe it? Unfuckingbelievable.

J�kuls�rl�n, the biggest glacier cap in Europe.J�kuls�rl�n Glacier LagoonAn Ice cave found in November of 2016. Dont ask me what the name is as I cannot spell nor pronounce it.All made of Ice. Crystal Ice CaveIve never taken as many pictures of Ice in my whole life. LolMy where's waldo moment at the black sand beach in Vik. It wasn't really sand, they were eroded lava pebbles washed by the strong currents of the beach.Eerily beautiful.Back at the capital, Reykjavik for some mandatory touristy shots. The land of the vikings!Violating mother nature by breaking off an icicle from europe's tectonic plate. Lol.What it looks like underneath. 100meters of clear visibility despite the lack of sunlight. The water was around 2c's, clear as day. We were even advised to drink it as it's one of the purest forms of glacier water that we would ever drink in our life. I didnt believe the tour guide lol.Spelunking in a thousand year old lava tube formed from one of Iceland's extinct volcanoes. I certainly got a proper workout by crawling and planking in this place.Ash and I dubbed as the new spelunkettes

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Omg pics are amazing !! Did u book with a tour guide or just went off on your own ?

we did most of it ourselves but you'd have to book tours for the caves as you need a licensed tour guide to get in. :)

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